Post date: Jun 22, 2017 9:21:11 PM


For those of you new to our program, every year the football players sell Discount Community Cards -

one of our biggest and easiest fundraisers as so many people look for these cards. Each year we have

what is called Blitz Night. All players meet at school for pizza dinner and then are spread throughout the community to sell the cards.

This year's Blitz Night is Wednesday, June 28th. Players will meet at school at 5:00 for pizza and then the selling will begin.

Here's what we need from parents:

Drivers - we have 150 players to get out there, some drive but many do not. If you are able to drop some players off and then get them back to school around 8:00 please reply to this and let me know how

many players you can drive.

Water - we need 10 - 12 cases of water delivered to school by 5:00. It can also be delivered prior to Blitz Night and put in Coach Schilling's room or you can bring it to me and I will get it there. Please let me

know if you would like to donate water and how much.

Helpers - we need parents to help set up, serve and clean up. Be there by 4:45 and you'll be done by

6:00. Let me know if you can help.

There are incentives for selling cards. We ask each player to sell a minimum of 12 cards. If they sell 17

cards they get a personalized shoe bag (name and jersey number). If they sell 22 cards they get a personalized sweatshirt (name and jersey number). If they sell 27 cards they will get both incentives.

Please do your best to make sure your player(s) is there for this night!

If you have any questions please let me know.

Thank you,